Common Essay Vocabulary Mistakes

When writing an essay, numerous vocabulary mistakes can ruin an otherwise amazing essay, resulting in a grade lower than anticipated or desired. Learning common vocabulary mistakes and how to avoid them before you start writing your paper can minimize headaches and ensure that you earn the grade you want. What are some of the most common vocabulary mistakes made when writing an essay paper?

Homonym Misuse

You likely need to go back to the English books to even recognize what a homonym is. And so, before writing an essay, it’s a good idea to make such a step. A hymn is words that sound the same, but are different spellings and meaning. These words are easy to confuse, especially when writing. Words like new and knew; now and know; and sew and so are oftentimes confused. Learn homonyms and avoid this headache.

Improper Word Form

Another common mistake made when writing an essay is improper word form. Writing quickly oftentimes results in many mistakes in our word form. Although we mean to write one thing, what actually appears on the paper is quite different. For example, using a verb rather than an adjective is an easy and common mistake.

Unusual Vocabulary

Perhaps it is unusual vocabulary that is throwing your essay for a loop. It is also a common mistake that is made by so many people, but you do not have to be among those people any longer.

Tips for Writing a Great Essay

The above mistakes are only some of the common issues that writers face, but you can be one of the fortunate people who overcome those obstacles and write a great paper. Here are a few more tips to help in your time of need.

·    Create a rough draft before you write the paper. The rough draft gives you an understanding of the paper and its contents, and the re-writing provides chance to spruce up the material that you have written.

·    Edit and spell check the paper, and be sure to look for any grammatical errors

·    Do not wait until the last minute to start work on your paper

·    When writing your essay, do so in a quiet environment that is free of distractions. A computer and music are okay, but cell phones and other items should be put up until you are done. This time should be spent studying and writing the best possible essay you can and if there are distractions this is impossible to do.

Be sure to use each of the above tips when writing your paper. When used, these tips make it simple to get an amazing grade that you will love to receive.

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